Samantha Chan | The Law Office of Jessica Zarrella
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Samantha Chan

(410) 941-9781

I am compassionate and will use my ability and love for writing to best serve my clients. I understand that no case is the same, and that no case is more important than your case. This means that you can trust me to work hard to understand your story, your needs, and your issues. I will fiercely advocate to protect you, your liberty, your children, and your family.


I was born and raised in the DMV. As a first-generation Asian American I was the first person in my family to graduate college and go to law school. I am an effective communicator, exercise good judgment, and am a natural problem solver—all skills you want your attorney to have.


I find it is always best to be direct in my communication and believe a surprised client is an unhappy client. I will make sure you understand all of your options, in advance, and are informed of all strategic decisions we are making in handling your case along the way. Navigating the legal system is adversarial, but it does not have to be acrimonious. I am prepared to handle your case effectively and professionally either through a negotiated agreement or the trial process, if required.