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Even though our office is closed, we are working remotely and remain fully operational at this time. Our law office possess all the capabilities to file cases, respond to motions and pleadings and to participate in virtual hearings with the court on an emergency basis.


To assist you and your family, Jessica Zarrella, Esq. is available for telephonic and virtual mediations and consultations for the duration of the Covid-19 Emergency. Both consultations and mediation sessions are being offered at a discounted rate.


Please call the office at (240) 780-8745 to schedule a meeting.

Rockville Based Criminal Defense & Family Law Firm

Comprehensive, Aggressive & Experienced Representation

  • Family Law

    • Divorce

    • Custody

    • Child Support

    • Peace/Protective Orders

    • Certified Family Law Mediator

    • Best Interest Attorney

  • Criminal Law

    • Felony Criminal Charges

    • Misdemeanor Criminal Charges

    • Juvenile Charges

    • Violations of Probation

    • Domestic Violence/Protective Orders

    • Serious & Non-incarcerable
      Traffic & Motor Vehicle Offenses


At the Law Office of Jessica L. Zarrella, LLC, we know that when you need a lawyer, it’s usually during a time of crisis or when you or your family are in need. Finding an experienced lawyer whose advice you can trust, skills you can rely on and who keeps you informed, can feel like an overwhelming task. Look no further. At the Law Office of Jessica L. Zarrella, we are here to help.

We are committed to the philosophy that “law is but the means, and that justice is end.”

At the Law Office of Jessica L. Zarrella, we will always pursue justice, for you, for your family, and for your children. We are committed to your case and to your cause until justice is achieved.

As a former prosecutor with over a decade of litigation and criminal law experience, Jessica L. Zarrella, knows the strength of your case, and can inform you of all options available to you. Ms. Zarrella will stand by you as a skilled and knowledgeable advocate through the entire legal process, whether your case is resolved through a dismissal, plea, settlement, mediation or at trial.

We are committed to the philosophy that “law is but the means, and that justice is end.”